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Things not to say in an argument

Things not to say in an argument

Every relationship has fights in it. However, words can be very hurtful and saying the wrong things can hurt the relationship irreparably sometimes. Communication is the key in a relationship. Try to keep a check on the statements you make. Here are some phrases best avoided in arguments.

Avoid creating a fuss

Sometimes what seems like a small issue for you might be a big one for your partner. It is not advisable to call it a fuss because you don’t agree with it. Even if you feel so, do not say it out loud. If your partner is trying to get a solution for a problem, work with him/her.

Comparing with others

Remember that each person is unique and comparing your partner with someone else is a sure way to hurt him/her. Comparing your partner with someone makes not only him/her but also yourself look bad. This also creates insecurity in your partner.

Fault blaming

Putting blame on someone almost always creates more arguments and problems. It will start the blame game and it won’t lead to anything. Try to have productive conversations to reach a solution to the problem rather than putting blame.

Nagging or bringing it up

There are people who tend to nag in an argument. If your partner has this habit, try to avoid making that the focus of the argument. Also, make sure that you do not have the habit. You can try to tackle this issue at a peaceful time.

Storming off

While this statement might seem like something to end an argument, it is not. It may give you a chance to storm off but the issue at hand won’t get solved.

Divorce or breaking up

If you have actually thought of calling it quits with your partner for a long time and made this decision after thinking well, then it is a different matter. However, do not use it as a statement to spite of your partner.

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