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Know your IT Refund Status and reasons for the delay

Know your IT Refund Status and reasons for the delay

Taxpayers will get their income tax refund within 45 days after processing their income tax returns. However, sometimes, it may take longer than the specified time.

There are many reasons for this. One of the most common causes for the delay of your IT refund is an error in pre-validating your bank account. If your PAN is not linked to your bank account, in such cases also, the refund gets delayed.

So, check these two things if you did not receive an IT refund even after 45 days of processing your ITR.

IT refund gets delayed, if you have a pending amount due in the previous financial year. However, for this, you will receive an intimation notice from the income tax department.

If you receive notice under section 143(1), it indicates there is an outstanding amount due in the past financial year. So, you should check and confirm whether it is true or not. You have to send your response with proof to the income tax department within the stipulated time.

If any of these reasons are not the cause for the delay of IT, then contact CPC. For this login to the income tax portal and check your IT refund status.

Select View Details under View Filed Returns and check the details. There will be three options: Refund Issued, Refund Failure and Refund Kept on Hold.

If the refund is issued, you can find all details with the mode of payment, the refund amount, and the date of clearance of the refund.

Under Refund Failure, you will find the reasons for the failure and the date of the communication. If your refund request has failed, you have to raise a request to re-issue the income tax refund.

On the other hand, if it shows ‘No Records Found’, that indicates the IT department has not issued the details of the IT refund. You have to wait till they send it or raise a request for your IT refund.

Under the Refund Kept on Hold, you will find a link for the response to the outstanding demand and the communication sent by the tax department.

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