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The Biryani that cost ₹40,000

The Biryani that cost ₹40,000

Biryani lovers are ready to pay the price even though it is expensive in the sight of others. However, the price of normal Biryani ranges within ₹500.

But, here is an incident where a ‘cheap’ biryani turned to be the costliest.

Online frauds are increasing day-by-day. As people are becoming aware of them, the fraudsters are choosing new ways to cheat them.

Priya Agarwal lives in Sovarpet, Chennai. She went to Wadapalani along with her friends. She ordered a plate of biryani using Uber Eats App.

She paid ₹76 for it. But, after some time, she received a message that her order had been cancelled, yet, she did not receive any refund for the money she had paid online.

Then, she googled the customer care number of Uber Eats and found a fake number.

But, Priya had not known this fact. She called the fake number and told her bank details. She was also told that since ₹76 is a small amount, it cannot be refunded online.

Hence, she was asked to deposit ₹5,000 to get a refund of ₹5,076. She paid ₹5,000 through Google Pay.

After that, she waited for some time to get a refund. Then she received a call from the fraudster saying that an OTP had been sent to her number to get the refund and the deposit was made to her bank account.

Unknowingly the consequences, Priya told her OTP multiple times to the fake person as per his instructions.

Knowing her bank account details, the fraudster had looted her account completely. A total of ₹40,000 had been taken out from her account.

Then, Priya realized that it was a fake number and she was deceived by the fraudster. She lodged a police complaint at the Wadapalani police station.

The Police started the investigation and said that users have to be careful to prevent falling prey to fraudsters. Thus, biryani has cost her ₹40,000.

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