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This is the team who created GST

This is the team who created GST

The new Goods and Services Tax, or GST, is coming to be known as perhaps the greatest beneficial revolution in the economy of India. Enacted under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the tax had a large and well-equipped team devising it before its recent release at the beginning of July.

With that said, here are the members of the team which helped to revolutionize the Indian economy:

Hasmukh Adhia, the revenue secretary, was the driver of the making of the GST, even including the decisions of the states. He dealt with all communications to various agencies and industries and addressed their concerns.

Vanaja S. Sarna is the chairwoman of the CBEC, heading the agency and ensuring the success of a smooth rollout of the new tax.

Arun Goyal is the additional secretary of the GST Council, whose participation included handling any held-up projects, keeping the development of the tax regime moving, and ensuring thoroughness of laws and regulations.

Upendra Gupta is the GST Commissioner of the CBEC, who dealt with all the technics and details of the development of the tax.

Udai Singh Kumawat is the joint secretary of the Revenue Department, who was a behind-the-scenes worker on the rules and legislations of the tax.

The GST Network (or GSTN) chairman, Naveen Kumar, was formerly the chief secretary of Bihar and had worked on issues with revenue in the state. He worked on both the technology platform and crucial taxation issues.

Prakash Kumar, CEO of the GSTN, has been involved in several technology institutions and has been a great help in both the technology department and the organization of all forms and spreadsheets.

Alok Shulka and Amitabh Kumar are the joint secretaries of the Tax Research Unit of the CBEC, and worked on the policies and rates on indirect taxes, as well as the rates of products and services.

Shaktikanta Das is the former secretary of revenue and economic affairs, having worked closely with Jaitley to begin the legislation of the draft.

Najib Shah is the former chairman of the CBEC, who was the overseer of most of the implementation and design until he retired back in March.

And of course, the finance minister, Arun Jaitley, was the pilot of all legislations on the GST and the chairman of the GST council and insisted on the consensus of every decision made.

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