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Strange news on onions

Strange news on onions

As the price of onions has been increasing, it remains a news item every day.

Onion is a common kitchen item in Indian cuisine and people are facing several troubles in buying onions due to their soaring prices.

Recently, announced an offer to their customers who will book tickets until December 15.

The offer has some options to choose their prize among certain items while booking tickets on the platform. Onions are one among them. Other prizes include an all-expenses-paid trip to Goa, an iPhone, e-bike etc.

Surprisingly, more than 54 per cent of customers chose onions as their prize.

Astonished by the option of the customers, the company realized how onions shaped the daily lives of people as customers prefer them over Goa trip and other expensive gifts.

Now, AbhiBus announced a daily lucky draw in which 20 lucky winners would be selected and delivered the jackpot prize (3 kg onions) to their homes.

In this context, various strange news items published in newspapers or jokes on social media are compiled here:

  • A mobile phone selling company in Tamil Nadu announced an offer of free 1 kg onions on every smartphone purchase. Interestingly, sales of the company have improved with the offer.
  • In another incident, 168 kg of onions had been stolen from a vegetable market in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Akbar Shaikh and Irfan Shaikh who run vegetable stalls at the Dongri vegetable market found that onions stored in gunny bags were missing. They lodged a police complaint.
  • Onion theft has been reported across various states in the country in different incidents.
  • A couple received 3 kg of onions as their wedding gift.
  • One joke is going around social media saying that Indian onion is stronger than an American dollar.
  • Another meme says that Audi and Apple want to change their logos. Their new logos would be onion rings and half-cut onion.
  • Another joke says that a special item from a star chef is Chicken with no onions.

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