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Tamil Nadu shop offers free onions with smartphones

Tamil Nadu shop offers free onions for smartphones

With soaring prices, onions are bringing tears in the eyes of the people who buy them. Though several state governments are providing them at subsidy prices, people are not getting enough quantity.

While some people stopped using onions and some others who tried to buy at subsidy prices died in the long-standing queues.

Many restaurants are using alternatives like cabbage and cucumber to onions.

Several memes are going around on social media about the price hike of onions across various states of the country.

While this unfavorable situation trembles many normal people, some business people are converting into a favorable business.

A mobile phone selling shop in Tamil Nadu came up with a creative idea to improve its sales.

STR Mobiles, a mobile phone selling shop is located on Thalayari Street in Puttukottai. The shop designed a marketing strategy and put up a poster at the entrance saying that smartphone buyers from the shop can get one kg onions for free.

This poster attracted local buyers as well as social media users.

As this is a unique marketing strategy and no one came with such an offer, the idea worked.

Saravana Kumar, the owner of the shop said that their sales increased after the announcement of the offer.

His shop opened around eight years ago. Before the offer, he used to sell two mobile phones per day on an average.

But, after introducing the offer, he sold eight mobile phones on two consecutive days.

The offer is valid on any smartphone purchase and customers can choose between small onions and big onions.

Thus, his business has improved with the attractive offer even though the profit is low.
Image Credits:- Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash  (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/GrHWJVA1KTA

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