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Why still single? Answer by Sushmita Sen

Why still single? Answer by Sushmita Sen

It is quite common for youngsters to be asked why they are still single or why they haven’t married yet.

As soon as a person reaches mid-twenties, the question of their marriage becomes hot topic to family members, relatives, and even strangers.

This is especially true in case of girls. The next time someone asks you these questions, you can give them a solid answer and even quote Sushmita Sen to back you up.

It all started with an Instagram post. Once again, Sushmita Sen proved that she does not care about anyone’s rules about how she should live her life.

Even in the past, she has proved several times that she plays by her own rules and that is what made her millions of fans across India.

In her Instagram post, she managed to shut up everyone who bothers her by asking why she isn’t married yet.

In her post, she wrote “WHY STILL #SINGLE they ask? WHY NOT? I answer ‘I AM’ secure in my choice and in being so, I can respect and appreciate another’s choice.. whatever it may be.”

After that she continued that it doesn’t matter if someone is single or not and that everyone should be playing by their own rules in life.

Speaking of her own life choices, she said that she has yet to meet “the sire, who loves to play with fire.”

With her statement she has inspired many single women of youth. Such questions are usually common for most of them and being pressured about their marital status is something that most young women find annoying.

Her stance has received wide spread support from single women all over. Many are calling her an inspiration as well.

So next time you get asked why you are not married yet, you can use Suhmita Sen’s answer and refer to her.

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sushmita_Sen2.jpg

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