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Srinivas Mohan, a ‘Digital Magician’ using his VFX

V Srinivas Mohan

Meet V Srinivas Mohan, he has been into many different careers. From electrician to computer programmer to animator, he has now become one of the most popular VFX experts in India. Srinivas Mohan has started from the bottom and even today he still maintains his humbleness. It is this humble nature combined with high-quality work provided cost-efficiently that made him a favourite for acclaimed director Shankar. For the movie ‘Robot’, by Shankar, Mohan has provided Hollywood level visual effects at one-fourth of the budget that would be needed in Hollywood.

Srinivas has worked in many Indian films of various languages like Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil etc. He was the visual effect supervisor for the movie ‘Magic Magic’ for which he has won the National Film Award for Best Special Effects. He reached heights in his career after he started working with Shankar on several movies like Boys, Anniyan and Sivaji. The skin grafting technique Mohan used in ‘Sivaji’ has earned him his second national award. Mohan’s biggest VFX budget till date is now Baahubali, an upcoming period drama which is said to consist of 4,500 VFX shots. He is also overseeing the work of the company Rising Sun Pictures, for Shankar’s next film ‘Ai” starring Vikram.

Image by Akarsh Mittal from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

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