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Precautions to take when using gas cylinders

Precautions to take when using gas cylinders

Liquefied petroleum gas is used in pretty much every house. It is a very important of daily lifestyle and also a very dangerous thing. There are several important precautions to take while using gas cylinders.

Read on to find out more about the precautions. There are many things to consider while buying LPG. There are many pipes and valves which are subject to wear and tear.

Always make sure you buy cylinders from authorized franchises. Ensure that there is a proper seal on the cylinder. If the seal is not intact, return the cylinder immediately. Remember that the customer always has the right to reject a cylinder if the date has expired or if the seal is broken.

Always keep the cylinder in an upright position. It is not designed to be in any other position. There should be proper ventilation in the kitchen while using a cylinder. Flammable items should be kept away from the flame. Keep the regulator knob in off position when not in use.

Cylinders should be transported with care. They should be kept in a vertical position. Caps and covers should fit before transporting the cylinder. Store the cylinder in a dry place and should be kept away from fires.

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