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‘Positive effects’ of Coronavirus on environment and family

‘Positive effects’ of Coronavirus on environment and family

The deadly coronavirus impacted the world severely. The economy of the world has slowed down and many countries are under lockdown. The lives of people are under a chaotic condition.

People limited or stopped their travel due to fear of the coronavirus. Several people stopped eating non-vegetarian food as a precautionary measure.

They preferred to spend time in their home. The production in factories and manufacturing units stopped. The changed lifestyle of people has some positive impact on the environment.

After stopping work in China’s factories, pollution had drastically declined. Many of the most polluted countries can breathe now.

Researchers claim that the lockdown saved more lives from air pollution than the number of people who are vulnerable to contract COVID-19. WHO says that around seven million people lose their lives due to pollution across the globe each year.

The water in the canals of Venice is clearer now due to nonexistence of tourist activity. The usage of boat taxis stopped and with the clear lakes, clean Venice is seen now.

The effect of coronavirus is more in Italy now; hence, the country has been on lockdown. The air pollution and levels of nitrogen dioxide have decreased there.

Air quality has improved in Delhi due to reduced travel. Many beaches in Mumbai appear clean.

Several people are working from home as informed by their bosses. The journey to the workplace with commuting time would be on an average 11 or hours. But, now there is no need of commuting and their daily commuting time has been saved. The saving time can be used for other things like book reading or sleeping.

Since people are spending more time in homes, the relationship between family members is strengthening.

Image Credit: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels (free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://www.pexels.com/photo/young-positive-indian-couple-discussing-daily-life-and-gesticulating-4312833/

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