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Phree App helps women know the safety locations

Phree App helps women know the safety locations

Nowadays, the security of girls and women is a big concern. Many parents fear sending them out alone due to increasing crimes against women.

In this context, a woman created an app to know about the safety of locations beforehand based on the ratings given by others.

Filmmaker Madhureeta Anand experienced horrible harassment from miscreants once in Delhi. Then, she wanted to do something to increase the security of girls and women.

She created the Phree App along with the support of one of her friends. The app uses a different approach as it asks ratings from college students and communities to rate places based on their safety.

As the ratings can be only given on a phone number, there would not be any anonymous ratings. The app does not have a point-based rating. It provides a rating for a place whether it is safe or unsafe.

Even if a place is rated safe by many people but found to be unsafe, with anyone incident, then the place will be marked as unsafe.

Anand says that this rating would help people to be cautious while going through certain areas. Users can also mark the areas unsafe due to other reasons like cattle attacks, open wires etc.

Phree app data is also available to the police. She says that the team is approaching different governments like Delhi and Maharashtra.

The app is gaining popularity among many users. However, Anand says that rather than numbers, she is more concerned about the security of women. Besides, the Phree Plus version will be launched this year. This new version helps users rate locations outside India also.

Besides, users can also talk to each other about the safety of various locations. In addition to that, it has helpline numbers. Being a filmmaker, she wants to create mini-episodes after the launch of this app for the awareness of people.

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