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Safety measures for women in Delhi after Nirbhaya case

Safety measures for women in Delhi after Nirbhaya case

It has been seven years since the Nirbhaya gang rape. Several incidents have been reported even after the case across the country.

However, after the incident, a law has been made under the victim’s name, Nirbhaya.

Delhi government also took many measures for the safety of women.

Around 1.3 lakh CCTV cameras have been installed throughout Delhi. Delhi government also proposed to install 1.7 lakh more to improve the safety of women.

Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that the government would install CCTV cameras and panic buttons in all cluster buses and other buses operated by DTC. Each vehicle would also have a GPS device.

In other words, around 5,500 buses would have this facility.

A senior government official also informed that the government would install three lakh CCTV cameras across all 70 assembly constituencies.

The proposed project would be executed by the public works department.

The government recently acquired 428 new cluster buses. These buses have CCTV cameras, panic buttons and GPS device.

At present, nearly 1,3000 marshals are deployed in all DTC and cluster buses daily for the safety and security of women.

The government mandates all public vehicles including buses, cabs, taxis and auto-rickshaws to install a GPS device to track the location.

It directed all these vehicles to strictly follow the rule to monitor the vehicles in the event of crimes.

More street lights have been installed to prevent crimes in dark areas. Around two lakh LED street lights would be installed in total to light up dark spots in the national capital. The execution of the project has been started.

The Delhi government recently announced a ‘Pledge’ initiative. Under this, a one-hour classroom discussion would be held for students of all schools and colleges on respecting women. After that, students would pledge to respect women.

Girl students will be encouraged to ask their brothers to respect women. They will also warn their brothers against wrongdoings and share this in the classroom.

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