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Passengers eat oranges to avoid baggage fee

Passengers eat oranges to avoid baggage fee

In a crazy incident, four Chinese men ate 30 kilograms of oranges within half an hour to avoid baggage fee. The incident took place in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Four men were travelling with a box of oranges that weigh 30 kilograms. However, the airport authorities said that they exceeded the baggage limit due to the box of oranges they were carrying.

Hence, they were asked to pay a total of 300 Chinese Yuan as an additional baggage fee to carry the box. But the men felt the extra fee as a burden to them. Hence, they decided to eat all fruits to avoid paying additional money for carrying the box.

They finished eating oranges in just 30 minutes. But, they started developing ulcers in their mouths due to excess eating of citrus fruits. The entire incident went viral on Chinese social media.

While some netizens lauded their jugaad, most of them laughed at their stupidity. Netizens said that instead of carrying them into the cabin they could have packed the oranges into four pieces of hand baggage. Thus they could have avoided paying an extra fee or eating the fruits unnecessarily.

These type of crazy actions are common while travelling on flights. Several people had done such things at various places in the past also.

A man from Scotland was travelling on EasyJet. At that time, he was told that his baggage was overweight by eight kilograms. Then he opened the suitcase and put on 15 shirts. This helped him avoiding extra baggage fee, but he had suffered from severe sweating during his journey as the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius on that day. Besides, he had difficulties at the security checking as they thought he was smuggling something under his clothes. He managed to convince them, but could not escape from travelling difficulties. He said that it was a horrible journey.

In another incident, a Philippines woman also put extra clothes to avoid paying an additional baggage fee.

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