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Onion prices still on rise

Onion prices still on rise

The price of onions is still on the rise. The prices have been increasing for the last few months. Though the price had fallen in between, overall its prices have been on the rise.

Several businesses try to attract their customers by offering onions as a gift. Interestingly, these types of offers are boosting their sales.

While onion prices are making buyers eyes’ water without cutting them, they have no option to buy them as they are a regular kitchen staple.

The price of onions remained higher yesterday as well at ₹150 per kg even though imported supplies have arrived.

The price of onions in various metros was ₹120 in Kolkata, ₹102 in Delhi and Mumbai and ₹80 in Chennai.

In most cities across the country, the prices of onions were hovering at ₹100 per kg. In Itanagar, the price was ₹150/kg.

A senior ministry official said that imported onions had started arriving. Approximately 1,160 tonnes reached India and another 10,560 tonnes of onions are expected to arrive in the next 3-4 days.

The two types of onions, red and yellow have been imported from Turkey, Egypt and Afghanistan and would be landing at Mumbai port.

The upsurge of onion price was estimated to be due to the shortfall of onion crop in Kharif season compared to last year.

There are several reasons like a late monsoon and subsequent excess rains in states where onions have been produced.

The central government and various state governments are taking several steps to control the price.

Export of onions has been banned in the country. The traders had been imposed with stock limits.

In addition to that, the government is supplying onions at a cheaper price.

Still, the prices are rising and experts say that the prices will continue to rise until the late Kharif crop hits the market in January.

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