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Did Nostradamus predict about PM Narendra Modi?

Did Nostradamus predict about PM Narendra Modi?

Nostradamus was a popular French physician who is renowned for his prophecies. Several people from all over the world assert that he predicted about world wars, the rise of Hitler and Napoleon, September 11 attack and many more.

Conversely, many others argue that these are just coincidence and Nostradamus’ predictions were not true. Their view is that his writings were interpreted by the followers of Nostradamus in a way that was suitable to their arguments.

They also argue that the so-called followers actually were not aware of what was written exactly in the original scriptures hence it is not proper to attribute credit to Nostradamus for things that happen after they happened.

But, despite the argument, many followers and believers of Nostradamus consider that he was a true prophet and what he was said or wrote in his texts occurred in the entire world.

Nostradamus predicted many things about various countries including India. His followers say that he had predicted about Modi in India. The scriptures of Nostradamus that were decoded by his followers mention the following.

An immortal ruler will arise from India. He will make India a superpower. Entire Asia will bow before him due to his power and wisdom. The meaning was interpreted from Quatrain 75, Century X of Nostradamus writings.

In his Quatrain 50, Century L, Nostradamus clearly stated that the ruler will have Hindu origin saying that Thursday is holy to him. His power will be welcomed by the entire globe. Nobody dares to oppose him as it would be their foolishness.

As per the prediction, the Hindu leader will not be a dictator but he will be merciless with Muslim fanatics.

Quatrain 59, Century III, Nostradamus predicted that the radioactive power of India would be tremendous and the country would win against Pakistan.

Some people stepped ahead and argued that Nostradamus predicted a leader who will rule India from 2014 to 2016. Initially, people will hate this leader but later love him due to his commitment to change India’s way and solve its troubles. The leader who is middle-aged will bring a golden era not just to India but to the entire world as well. India will become a superpower, a Global Master and a shelter to many small nations.

Whether true or not, the thought of a Super Power India and the existence of a golden era in the country gives hope, right?

Image Credit: Attributed to César de Notre-Dame / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nostradamus-Mus%C3%A9e_Calvet.jpg

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