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New symptoms of COVID-19

New symptoms of COVID-19

While flu-like symptoms, fever, dry cough, cold, loss of smell and taste and sore throat are the most common symptoms of COVID-19, several new symptoms are also added to the list recently.

The latest reports showed that COVID-19 has some new symptoms, which are different from the most common symptoms that were reported in the past.

The new study shows that if you have a higher body temperature than normal, then it could be a warning sign of COVID-19.

Besides, many health experts from across the globe said that the following symptoms could be an indication of COVID-19 infection. These include muscle and joint pains, diarrhoea, headache, conjunctivitis, skin rash, and discolouration of fingers or toes.

There were a few instances in other counties that tested positive for COVID-19 had reported different symptoms to the regular symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Despite having new symptoms, these people got the COVID-19 test when they feel unwell. It helped control the transmission of COVID-19 to other people.

Hence healthcare professionals suggest getting a test for COVID-19 if you have any of the above mentioned new symptoms. Also, it is better to remain in isolation until you receive your reports. Do not meet any visitors during this time. Also, avoid public gatherings.

If you have mild symptoms of COVID-19, you can treat the condition at your home. Follow the advice of doctors and caregivers. If you are suffering from high temperature, then drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

If you experience any serious complications like shortness of breath or unbearable joint or muscle pains, visit a hospital immediately to get proper medical advice.

Follow COVID-19 protocols strictly. Wear facemasks and maintain social distancing in crowded places. Do not touch any surfaces that might have touched by many people. Clean your hands using hand sanitisers if you happen to touch them.

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