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COVID-19 protocols for schools reopening

COVID-19 protocols for schools reopening

While schools in the country have been closed for more than six months, many students are studying through online education. Some are watching the lessons taught on TV channels.

In this scenario, the Ministry of Education issued detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the reopening of schools.

As per the latest unlock guidelines, schools and under educational institutes have been permitted to reopen phase-wise starting from October 15. However, the decision of reopening schools has been left to the states and union territories.

Hence, schools will be reopened as per their decision. Delhi government decided to shut schools till October 31. Likewise, every state and union territory will decide as per the existing conditions in their areas.

The central government issued guidelines for the schools that want to reopen from October 15.

Here is a list of important guidelines to be followed by schools on reopening:

  • Schools must have to obtain written consent from parents to send their children to schools.
  • Students should wear face masks and maintain at least six feet distance at all times in classrooms, playground and laboratories. Classrooms shall be marked clearly for each student to sit.
  • If schools are using single-seater desks, then desks will be arranged as per the protocol. If they are using benches, only one child will be allowed per bench.
  • Students will be encouraged to follow frequent handwashing and other COVID-19 protocols.
  • Schools will have to keep the supply of hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves etc. They shall have to carefully monitor while allowing primary school children and make sure that they do not exchange their facemask with other students.
  • If students prefer online classes, they will be permitted for that.
  • The attendance system will not be enforced as many parents are not interested in sending their children to schools. Furthermore, students will be allowed on an odd-even system. That means students will be allowed to school on a rotational basis as per their roll numbers.
  • Schools can have two shifts if it has more number of students in a class.
  • Only asymptomatic students will be allowed to schools. Students from containment zones are not allowed to attend schools.
  • Schools will have to follow the alternative academic calendar of NCERT. Students will be evaluated on learning-based assessment method.
  • Students will have come on their parents’ vehicles.
  • Sharing notebooks and food among students will not be allowed.
  • Teachers can conduct outdoor classes if the weather permits.
  • If any student or staff member tests positive in school, they will be immediately taken to the hospital and treated.
  • Only a few students that do not have support at their homes will be allowed to stay in the hostel. Others are encouraged to use online classes. Suspect individuals will be isolated and sent for medical treatment.

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