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Mumbaikers making their city safer

Mumbaikers making their city safer

In order to get the attention of the civic authority, several citizens of Mumbai are teaming up. Their aim, to make the city safer for everyone.

These citizens started to document every problem in the streets of the city to get attention of the civic authorities.

This is a new initiative that is trending in Mumbai. It is called The Walking Project.

The group is doing this initiative in finding areas of footpaths and roads of Andheri which have problems. They take photographs of these problem areas and send them to concerned authorities.

According to Rishi Aggarwal, one of the citizen activists, the group is working to influence BMC. They aim to create a positive change in the city.

The group focuses on making the BMC maintain good footpaths, develop projects in different areas in the city and encourage public awareness. They mainly focus on helping pedestrians.

Due to the poor condition of footpaths and roads, many people are struggling to walk because of heavy road traffic. This is especially worse for children who are going to school. As a result, it has become quite unsafe and dangerous.

The participants of the group initiative say that the civic authority needs to control hawkers as well as parking on the footpath.

Previously, a similar initiative was launched with moderate success. However, in December 2016, the group re-launched the initiative putting heavy emphasis on helping the city and improve civic awareness and duty.

At present, the members of the initiative are working with the Road Department engineers of BMC to survey Andheri-Kurla road. Due to their help, BMC already has taken down suggestions regarding certain problems in the city of Mumbai.

The group is currently working in Andheri and they are hoping to expand it all over the city by organizing awareness events.

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