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Campaign to create awareness on sexual assaults in Maharashtra

Campaign to create awareness on sexual assaults in Maharashtra

In recent days, sexual assaults on innocent girl children have been reported. The shocking part is, the main culprits in most of the cases are their acquaintances. Lack of awareness on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is the major cause. Even most of the parents do not know how to deal such issues. In order to create awareness on sexual assaults, a campaign was launched in Maharashtra.

A group of resident doctors in Maharashtra started a campaign to alert people on sexual assaults. The campaign ‘’good touch-bad touch’ began yesterday by Maharashtra Medical Association of Resident Doctors (MARD). It will continue till the month end.

A panel of doctors will provide counselling to parents of girl children in the age group of 3 to 10 years. In this context, certain precautions and suggestions are given to them.

Parents are advised not to overlook their girl child’s complaints on anyone. Parents should educate their girls to learn a difference between the good and bad touch.

Good touches are: The hugs and kisses by parents, grandparents etc., and the friendly kisses on forehead by family members, patting on the back by teachers or any touch that does not make child feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, bad touches are: Kisses on the mouth of the child, touching her private parts, touch by any adult who tell the girl to keep it secret, and any other touch that makes the child feel uncomfortable. Parents should create awareness among their girl children about these touches.

Parents should also listen to their child’s complains and inquire the facts. They should also not to let their child go with whom she is feeling uncomfortable.

As per the discoveries of WHO, one girl below 16 years of age is raped in the country every three hours. One girl aged below 10 becomes victim of sexual assault every 12 hours. Nearly 40 per cent of Indian children are vulnerable to sexual abuse of some kind. One in every 10 children suffers from severe sexual abuse. And the notable point is that the offender is known to the child in 95 per cent of the cases.

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