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MP farmer receives ₹1 in insurance claim

MP farmer receives ₹1 in insurance claim

To save farmers from the damage of crops, many state governments assure to help them. Madhya Pradesh also assured farmers to help fight the crisis.

In this context, farmers are asked to claim crop insurance for the loss. However, to the shock of several farmers, they received very little amount as an insurance claim.

Pooranlal from Betul was reimbursed with just ₹1 for the crop loss of ₹1 lakh. He paid ₹1,050 towards the insurance premium. Two other farmers from this area also received ₹70 and ₹92 each.

As per the reports, not just these three farmers, several other farmers from the district also received less than ₹50 rupees of insurance in their accounts.

Many farmers from Godhana village felt insulted as many of them received less than the premium they paid. They said that it indicates the negligence of revenue staff or the insurance company or some other party. But, farmers have to suffer a lot due to this.

Irate farmers started agitation against the government. All of them are planning to return this amount to the government.

Pooranlal has a land of two and a half hectares. More than ₹1 lakh worth crop got spoiled on his farm. But, he just received only one rupee as crop insurance. So, he wants to return this one rupee to the state government.

The government gave crop insurance amount to more than 22 lakh farmers across the state.

It released ₹81.71 crores to be given to 64,893 farmers in Betul district.

The Agriculture Department said that they do not have the exact details. However, they will check with the insurance company to see what had happened.

They said that it was the insurance company that assessed the losses. They also added that they would send the list of farmers who had received less than ₹200, to the insurance company.

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