Fast new design releases from Micromax

Micromax’s extremely fast new design releases

Micromax’s extremely fast new design releases

Mobile phone maker Micromax is releasing dozens of new designs every year. The impressive thing about the company is that most of these cost below $150. It now sells around three million handsets a month.

Early last year they planned to release a phone which could be operated in the 20 plus official languages of India. Four months later, they managed to release their ‘Unite’ phone which cost just $110. The phone allows the user to do just about anything that a normal phone does, except in all regional languages.

Surprisingly, Mircromax released new phones within weeks of launching a new one, a move that is not done by most companies. This strategy has worked out well for the company as it is giving strong competition to major international players. Micromax has become the top smartphone seller in India rushing past Samsung.

By using affordable chipsets with competitively priced hardware, the company was able to cut down as much as 50% price and reduce roll out time. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are helping it even more in order to get in the Indian smartphone market.

Even though some ideas flop, most Indians are preferring products with good features at a cheap price tag which is what Micromax is offering.

Image Reference: Gizbot

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