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SOS Feature Phone for Senior Citizens by Philips Mobile

SOS Feature Phone for Senior Citizens by Philips Mobile

Philips Mobile unveiled a new feature for senior citizens for Rs. 3,800. This new phone has large font size, long battery life and SOS function as many of the regular phones that are available in the market do not have these features.

Senior citizens often complain about the difficulty in using those phones with small font size, short battery life and delicateness. Furthermore, they are facing many problems in adopting new technologies.

It is found that two out of five senior citizens have some kind of disability or medical condition which makes it difficult for them to do their daily activities.

The phone made by Philips features large font sizes on a 2.4 inch screen making it easy for reading. The keypad of the phone also has larger keys which are easy to view for old eyes.

The 1630mAh Li-ion battery of the phone also has a lot of capacity and gives 1,128 hours of standby time and 24 hours of talking time.

The users of the phone can make use of the SOS function in the phone and set three emergency numbers.

During an emergency, the user can press the SOS button near the flashlight which will call the three numbers until the call is answered by one.

The phone also has a flashlight which can be used even when the phone is switched off.

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