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What makes a Good Boss

Good Boss

A boss is what makes the company. The employees and fellow men usually look up to the boss. However, it takes several unique characteristics to make a successful boss.

A real boss must take the real risk not fake risks. A boss should not use fake tactics to show his/her strength or to look like the best. They should not just rely on conventional methods to win their employees’ respect. They should be willing to take unconventional decisions and stick to them.

A good boss should be able to maintain his/her composure during the toughest of times. The boss should be seen as a figure of strength and not someone who leaves responsibilities on his/her employees. The boss should find a way and give hope to all the subordinates.

The boss or leader must have a vision that others do not. He/she must believe in that vision and convince others to believe in it. A boss must also control his/her own emotions. They must display their emotion in a controlled manner. Whether it is appreciation or criticism, it should be subtle yet understandable.

A good boss must never use employees as scapegoats. Each employee must be held responsible only for their actions and the boss should be able to admit any problems caused by his/her own mistakes.

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