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Madras HC blocks 12000 websites to prevent 2.0 piracy

Madras HC blocks 12000 websites to prevent 2.0 piracy

2.0 is a big movie of Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role. It was released yesterday. The 2.0 has a lot of hype and expectations from the audience and fans of Rajinikanth.

As piracy is a major problem these days for several movies, especially when they have a good expectation among the audience, plenty of websites come up with pirated versions of movie.

This causes a lot of financial troubles to producers, financiers etc.

In this context, a plea was made in the Madras High Court on 2.0 movie to block certain websites.

2.0 is the latest venture of Lyca Productions Private Limited. It produced the movie with a high budget.

The movie was directed by S. Shankar and has been released in over five languages including Mandarin in China.

Vijayan Subramanian, the counsel of Lyca produced a list of 12,564 illegal websites contending TamilRockers and its probable mirror websites.

In order to prevent piracy for 2.0 movie, the counsel sought injunction against all websites that could pirate the movie.

In this context, the Madras High Court directed 37 internet service providers (ISPs) to block more than 12,000 websites. All websites that exhibit the pirated Tamil movies were included in this list.

Among them, over 2,000 websites are operated by TamilRockers alone. TamilRockers is capable of creating mirror websites as soon as the movie releases by just changing a minor part of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or any other extension. And thus it can restore the infringing content with no difficulty.

Lyca has acquired all exploitation and distribution rights including TV, digital, internet and home video under the Copyright Act.

Yet, some illegal websites are wasting all their efforts by exhibiting pirated version of the movies immediately after their release.

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