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Know how you will die based on zodiac sign

Know how you will die based on zodiac sign

Death is the greatest mystery of existence, for no one has ever known what happens after death, or why death happens at all.

Yet there are some ways to decode how one will die, to predict this future based on certain significant signs.

The zodiac signs are some of the most prominent of these, and based on them, here are the ways you are most likely to meet your end:


• Those born with the Aries sign are most likely to die in a house fire. Always taking risks and in the spotlight, it is only fitting that people with this sign go out with a flair.

• Tauruses’ most fitting deaths are plane crashes. A combined abhorrence to the feeling of the plunging plane and the individuals about to die next to you fits this unmoving sign.

• The most fitting death for a Gemini is being buried alive. This fits due to the despising of being separated from people and the claustrophobia felt in a live burial.

• A most fitting death for Cancer would be being killed by a loved one, since that overwhelming feeling of adoration and loyalty would hurt more than any killing wound, before the end.

• People with the Leo sign would most fittingly die on the electric chair. This fits this sign because of the hatred of being captured and hopeless would be combined with the feeling that everyone thinks you are merely some kind of beast.

• Virgos would be most fittingly killed by an animal. Since people born with this sign are adorers of animals, harming one is the last thing one would want to do, and it would crush to see something so loved to bring about one’s end.

• The most fitting death for a Libra is being trapped, and alone. Despair would overcome this sign, and regret to not be able to say goodbye to the people one loves.

• Scorpios are most likely to die by committing suicide. They are most apprehensive of themselves, and most stressed about their actions, leading to the very likely possibility that these personality traits could result in their death.

• A Sagittarius would most fittingly die from an overdose. One would detest that one unknowingly killed oneself, and destroyed the lives of all the others around them, and would despair over their everlasting image as a fool.

• Capricorns would most fittingly die from suffocation. Those with these signs prefer to be in control and would detest the feeling of losing control as they might, for example, sink underwater and suffocate that way.

• Aquariuses would most fittingly die in their sleep. As enjoyers of craftiness and inventiveness, people with this sign would hate ending a life in such a passive, uneventful manner.

Those born with the Pisces sign would most likely die in a hospital. They would hate to bring friends and relatives such agony from watching them die of an illness which they can do nothing about.

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