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Know about Vikalp Scheme

Know about Vikalp Scheme

Train tickets being unavailable is a big problem to passengers. A new upcoming scheme called the Vikalp scheme will help wait-listed passengers travel in Rajdhani, Shatabdi or other premium/special trains even though they have booked tickets in other trains.

This service will be given without any extra cost. The way this scheme works is by using vacant berths in many premier trains in all the main routes.

For now, the vikalp scheme is being launched as a pilot project in Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu sector. It works for Mail/Express trains of the same category.

The option is available for passengers who use the option while booking the ticket. All passengers in waiting list can use this scheme irrespective of booking quota and concession.

If a waiting list passenger gets upgraded to a premium train, they will not be charged any extra. Same way, the refund money also remains the same.

As per the scheme, all the passengers of a PNR would be given an upgrade or none of them would be.

In order to prevent any sort of fraud, the passengers will not get a refund for the difference in fare between the original train and the alternate train. This includes Tatkal charges.

The passengers who opted for this scheme while booking tickets and get accommodation in the alternate train will get a separate list of passengers in the alternate train.

There will be separate charts for CONFIRMED and WAITLIST charts for these passengers.

Those who opt for this scheme should know that once the alternate train is confirmed, they cannot make a journey modification. The passenger can only cancel the ticket.

If the passenger gets an upgradation of the train, they cannot board the original train. The ticket given to the original train can be used by them to board the alternate train.

Those who are upgraded to a train will be treated as normal passengers without any difference.

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