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Know your characteristics as per your birthstone

Know your characteristics as per your birthstone

Several people believe in astrology and its effects on their lives. Similarly, they also believe in the birth star, birth date and birthstone and their effects.

Normally astrologers suggest certain gemstones as per the birth month. Hence, the effect of these birthstones is linked to their lives.

These stones are considered to indicate the inner-self and deepest desires of a person.

Read on the article to know your characteristics as per your birthstone:

Those born in January are mostly introverts. Their birthstone is garnet. If they love something, they can go to any extent for it. They are loyal and can protect their loved ones with utmost faith and courage. Yet, they are not sentimental in expressing their love and are very practical in providing significant care.

People born in February are tuned with their spiritual selves. Their birthstone is amethyst. They don’t like to be tied down by physical bonds as well as materialistic persons. They desire peace. They ignore reality and often live in dreams.

Those born in March are appealing and sociable. Their birthstone is aquamarine. They are creative and find their happiness in various arts like poetry, painting, music etc. They prefer to live in their own world. They respect truth and honesty.

People born in April are loyal. Their birthstone is a diamond. They have a good commitment to their friends and loved ones. They care and protect their dear ones.

Those born in May have a habit of observing even minute details of their surroundings. Their birthstone is emerald. They prioritize the thoughts and feelings of others above everything including their own feelings.

People born in June are smart. Their birthstone is pearl. They are independent, strong-minded and attractive. Often, they ignore the reality of life by desiring the world of happiness.

Read about the remaining birthstones in the next article.

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