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Interesting features of Google Docs

Interesting features of Google Docs

Google Doc is a free online tool to write and compose text. It is handy if you want to type your text online like a word file.

Google updated Docs with many fascinating features.

Here is a list of few features:

If you have pasted text from another location into a Google Doc, then the text may be different from the original text in the doc file. You have to format it. In such cases, there is no need to select all the text and change fonts and all, simply highlight the text you want to format. Then go to ‘Format’ and click Clear Formatting.

Use Smart Compose to type your documents faster and easier. It has machine learning to offer suggestions as you type. Currently, this feature is available for users who have accounts through work and in English only. You can turn on or off Smart Compose by clicking Tools > Preferences. Then, click Show Smart Compose Suggestions and OK to turn on the feature or off it.

The Research tool in Google Docs is useful for online research and refer to information and images without leaving the document. Right-click on a word you want to research and select Research.

Compare Documents feature in Google Docs helps to identify the differences between two Google Docs. It shows the suggested edits in a new document and thus avoids manual comparison. You can use this feature from Tools > Compare Documents. Then, choose the document you want to compare. In the ‘Attribute Differences to’ field, enter the name of the user to be labelled as the author of the suggested edits.

You can check the word count by clicking Tools > Word Count. You can also use Voice Typing feature in Tools section if you want to speak your text. Click the microphone before reading or speaking your text.

You can edit images in Google Docs and add borders as well.

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