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Google to invest in India

Google to invest in India

Tech giant Google will invest $10 billion (₹75,000 crores) in India in the coming 5 to 7 years. Google CEO Sundar Pichai yesterday announced at ‘Google for India’ virtual event that Google will invest the money in the form of equity investment and tie-ups.

He says that the tech giant has confidence in India’s digital economy, hence it wants to invest money in India.

The investment will mainly focus on four key areas.

These are as follows:

  • It allows all the citizens to get access and information in their own language and everyone can access the information.
  • New products and services will be offered to serve the distinctive needs of the citizens in the country.
  • It empowers businesses by transforming them digitally.
  • It encourages the usage of technology and Artificial Intelligence in various social sectors like healthcare, agriculture and education.

Sundar Pichai also said that the company wants to work along with the Indian government and the businesses that have a common vision for a Digital India.

He said that Google wants to build new products and services and invest in companies that design new products and services.

He added that more than 150 million users are getting benefitted every month through Google connections. 26 million small and medium businesses are discoverable through Google Search and Maps. Now, many small businesses also have a digital payment facility through Google Pay. Thus, they have become part of the country’s formal economy.

With the proposed investment also, Google wants to influence many people in the country. Pichai says that Google aims to make India lead the innovation and benefit from it. He hopes to work together for the best possible output.

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