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Digital India effect – Engagement ceremony on video call

Digital India effect – Engagement ceremony on video call

Government’s Digital India move make the citizens rely on technology to the maximum extent.

Money transfer, payments online, online shopping, online booking for many services, everything is done online using mobile phones with just a few clicks.

Now, this digital India effect extended to pujas and ceremonies also which the government might not have expected. A family in Gujarat performed Roka (engagement ceremony) on a video call.

The video is going viral. The family of the bride decorated the surroundings with necessary puja items. Even from the groom’s side, the same thing was done.

Both the bride and groom were not in the viral video. This is because three video calls took place in the video.

The digital puja ceremony reminded several people the scenes from Metro Park, TV series. In that series, a pandit similarly performs the digital puja.

The video that went viral shows people dressed for the occasion and are busy with the preparations for the traditional ceremony. The ceremony took place on mobile phones.

The video also shows that there is a table on which gold ornaments and clothes are found.

All that is required for the engagement ceremony including puja essentials, gold, clothes, fruits etc. are seen in the video.

But there is no bride and groom in it. It is not exactly known where the incident had taken place or whether it was true or not.

But it is clear that technology occupies every corner of human’s life. It also proves that the technology fulfills all the needs of human beings.

The video was shared on Twitter by a user named Rahul Ningot with a caption of #MetroPark.
Image Credit : Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

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