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Indian Skills Service – A new cadre at the level of IAS and IPS

Indian Skills Service – A new cadre at the level of IAS and IPS

Services like IAS, IPS are considering among the best of the best. Now the Indian Civil Services will soon be establishing a new cadre with skills of the same level.

The aim behind this is to change the view about skills and unleash their huge potential.

The new cadre that is being set up is called the Indian Skills Service. The cadre consists of officer level people.

Talking about setting up this cadre, Anant Kumar Hegde, Union Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship said that skills are something that comes under a niche domain requiring a different kind of understanding of issues.

He says that skills need specific understanding and in order for them to shine, a separate field is needed.

This is the reason why the government is setting up Indian Skills Service.

Furthermore, Anant Kumar added that the centre already started talking to the West Bengal government to set up a training centre for the field in the state.

Several Indian Institute of Skills (IIS) with the same level of standards as that of IITs are being planned. These would start in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Delhi.

Furthermore, the government is thinking of expanding Haryana and Rajasthan governments’ skill universities in their respective states. This will likely lead to other states following a similar model across the country.

Another initiative from the government is that 14 India International Skill Centres (IISCs) have been set up to train people with the latest technology. They will receive training at the standards of the international level so they can even find employment overseas.

The aim is to train more than 30,000 aspirants at these centres and give them certifications from international awarding bodies.

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