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Indian cops to get new uniforms

Indian cops to get new uniforms

For a long time, there have been countless problems with the uniform outfits of Indian cops. The first problem is that they are not even uniform uniforms, since their basic fit and colour are different from state to state.

However, on the other hand, the thickness of the fabric is uniform across the nation. This may be beneficial to people living in mountainous areas, but it is excruciating for people living at lower altitudes, where summer days have blistering temperatures.

The uniforms are generally uncomfortable and cumbersome, as are the thick wool caps, overly heavy helmets, and stiff leather shoes.

However, after several decades of uncomfortable clothing, the Indian cops are finally going to be getting redesigned uniforms. The National Institute of Design (or NID) has collaborated with the Bureau of Police Research and Development (or BPR&D) to create these new outfits.

Nine prototypes of the design have been made so far, which include shirts, trousers, belts, shoes, jackets, and completely redesigned rainwear and headgear.

The state police forces and the national parliamentary police forces will decide on which of the prototypes will work best. After that, the chosen prototype will be sent out to all police forces across India, and it will become the standard uniform for the whole country.

This is relieving news for Indian policemen, who have been wearing the same British-era khaki uniforms for many decades.

There has been criticism of the police uniforms for a long time, suggesting changes for their colour, their fabric, and their pattern.

Additionally, the uniforms were designed in a time where different climates and altitudes weren’t given much consideration. Therefore, the NID and the BPR&D put careful time and effort into making sure that these new uniforms could truly suit everyone.

Now, Indian cops will be far more comfortable while working their jobs, and thus, they will be able to perform their duties even better.

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