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Advantages of being a woman driver in India

Advantages of being a woman driver in India

Any Indian woman who drives her car around will understand the benefits of being a woman driver in India. Women drivers tend to get a lot of free passes in traffic. Many men tend to be less aggressive towards women when it comes to traffic incidents.

Here are some traffic perks that women get in India.


Women drivers are not really stopped by cops. A woman being stopped by the police is a rare event even in cases of speeding or jumping a signal light.

In case of accidents

When a woman crashes in to another vehicle driven by a man, there wouldn’t be much of a fight at all. Women drivers get to go away traffic conflicts with ease.

Problem, no problem

If a woman’s car gives her trouble, there will always be many knights in shining armour to help her out. In fact, she could receive more help than necessary.

Let the lady pass

In case of traffic jams, a woman driver is generally allowed to pass first by a man. However, this won’t happen if it is another woman.

First serve

Even if there is a huge line of men waiting for a valet parking, a woman would be given first preference to go as the men wait.

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