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RideIt helps share a ride with your colleagues


RideIt helps to share a ride with your colleagues by connecting the employees who travel in the same route. Whether it is a car or bike or auto, you can share it with your colleagues and thus save cost. This helps in decreasing the traffic of city as well.

RideIt is exclusively beneficial for working professionals. Registrations can be done on their corporate email id. Furthermore women employees can have the option of forming a Ladies-Only carpool to ensure their safety and security.

It solves the problems at three levels: Individual level, organizational level and global level. At individual level it addresses the issues of safety, fuel cost, traffic jams and travel time. At organizational level, it focuses on providing conveyance for employees which includes parking space conservation, and the reduction of carbon emissions. At global level, it solves the issues of growing pollution and use of alternative fuels.

With RideIt, users can carpool in three steps: Regular, Casual and Auto/Cab. Regular is meant for daily carpool. Here users can find their colleagues who wish to share a ride on a regular basis. Casual is onetime carpool facility which is beneficial for those who want to share their ride on a specific date. Auto/Cab is intended to find out colleagues to share a cab or an auto on a specific date.

After choosing their type of carpool, users can search for their route in the search box of the website. After finding the results, they can connect with other carpoolers. Before proceeding, they can make sure by discussing about their cost sharing and pick-up point by calling or sending an SMS or email.

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