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Over 46 lakh responses to Uniform Civil Code

Over 46 lakh responses to Uniform Civil Code

The deadline for submitting views on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is approaching, and the Law Commission has received approximately 46 lakh responses so far, according to sources on July 11.

In the coming days, the Commission is expected to invite certain organizations and individuals for personal hearings, with some invitation letters already sent.

As of the evening of July 10, nearly 46 lakh responses had been received by the panel.

On June 14, the Law Commission initiated a fresh consultation process on the UCC and sought input from stakeholders.

The previous 21st Law Commission, whose term ended in August 2018, had examined the matter. It issued a consultation paper in August 2018 after seeking the opinions of all stakeholders.

As more than three years since the issuance of the consultation paper passed, the 22nd Law Commission of India found it necessary to re-deliberate on the matter. It also noted the subject’s relevance and importance and issued a public notice.

Representatives of the law panel defended the fresh consultation exercise during their appearance before a parliamentary committee earlier this month.

They emphasized that the previous commission had presented its suggestions in 2018, and since their term had ended, they initiated a new informational initiative.

The consultation paper issued on August 31, 2018, by the previous Law Commission, stated that while Indian culture’s diversity should be celebrated, specific groups or vulnerable sections of society should not be disadvantaged in the process.

The commission emphasized addressing discriminatory laws rather than implementing a uniform civil code, which it deemed unnecessary and undesirable at that stage.

In the consultation paper, it is noted that many countries are now embracing the recognition and respect for differences.

This shift does not imply discrimination but rather reflects a strong democracy.

A Uniform Civil Code involves having a single law that applies to all citizens, irrespective of their religious affiliation.

Such a code is expected to cover personal laws and regulations related to inheritance, adoption, and succession.

Uttarakhand is preparing to introduce its own uniform civil code soon.

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