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Indian coconut exports reach record high

Indian coconut exports reach record high

As the coconut yield in major producer states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka is in a decline, the export of coconut in the last fiscal for coconut merchandise in India has managed to reach a record high of Rs.1,312.38 crore.

A report made by V.C. Vasanthakumar of the Coconut Development Board (CDB) says there has been a 13.5 per cent growth in exports in the last fiscal when compared to the 2013-14 figures.

According to the CDB’s estimates for 2014-15, the coconut production within the country is anticipated at 20,000 million nuts, which is comparatively a drop of ten per cent compared to 2013-14.

There are several coconut products, out of all these the share of activated carbon alone in the exports accounted for Rs.557.80 crore.
The primary raw material used for activated carbon is any organic material with high carbon content. As coconut shells are very common for it they are currently fetching a lot of money. Export of dry coconut to Pakistan accounted for Rs.183.06 crore.

The report has stated that in the last fiscal, India has imported coconut products worth Rs.421.66 crore which includes products like coconut fatty acid, copra, expeller cake and coconut oil. In this period of time, the prices of coconuts remained high domestically compared to international prices.

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