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Indian card details for sale on Dark Web: ZDNet

Indian card details for sale on Dark Web: ZDNet

In a shocking report, it is revealed that card details of many Indians are for sale on Dark Web.

As per the report of ZDNet, data of around 1.3 million debit and credit cards is available on Joker’s Stash, one of the oldest card shops on the dark web.

Several hackers sell card dumps here and it is famous for such activities.

The researchers say that it is one of the biggest card dumps in recent years where details of each debit and credit card are being sold for $100.

The data includes multiple Indian banks which can fetch up to $130 million for cybercriminals.

The card dump contains Track 2 data which is normally found on a payment card’s magnetic stripe.

The report said that the card details of the customers of various banks have been obtained through skimming devices installed in ATMs or PoS machines.

The data that has been bought by the criminals from the dark web could be used to clone cards and withdraw money from ATMs.

It is not a new thing for Joker’s Stash to sell the data of card details. In February this year, card details of nearly 2.15 million Americans were put up for sale on it.

Similarly, in August, the card details of around 5.3 million customers were obtained from gas and convenience chain Hy—Vee. The first batch of stolen credit card data was released on August 22. The data was stolen allegedly through a breach from a point-of-sale (POS) at the gas and convenience chain Hy—Vee.

The data is released from stolen credit cards and data breaches at various companies such as Walmart, Lord & Taylor, British Airways and many more.

Joker Stash has become one of the leading underground credit card shops in the last five years.

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