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Government wants to research on cow urine dung

Government wants to research on cow urine dung

As cows are considered holy creatures and associated with Hindu beliefs, several Indians worship them as gods. That’s why many follow blind beliefs despite having no scientific evidence and logic behind them. Using these beliefs, several unscientific claims are spreading on social media.

Many people including ministers are giving statements which are claimed as ‘fake’ by scientists. One Indian minister claimed that drinking cow urine can cure cancer.

Another politician stated that cow milk is yellow as it contains gold. Some others stepped further and said that cow products have a cure for coronavirus.

In this context, the Indian government has invited the scientific community to research on the benefits of cow urine, dung, milk and other byproducts. And the research should be done on indigenous cows only and not on foreign cows.

A notification has been issued to the scientific community to undertake a detailed scientific investigation on the prime products of indigenous cows.

The aim of the government is to manufacture and promote personal-care products from the byproducts of cows including shampoos, toothpaste, mosquito repellents etc.

Many people believe that ‘pure cow products’ can cure everything from diabetes to cancer.

But, scientists said that this was not true as there was no logic behind them. They slammed the initiative saying that it was not an open-ended research programme. There were many herbivores like goats and camels, then why should the research be focused only on cows.

They also added that science cannot assume the validity of beliefs and the validity has to be proved by the test. They said that this validity was absent in the call for the proposal of the government which was drafted unscientifically from its beginning.

They urged the government not to waste money, time and effort based on ‘imaginary qualities derived from religious scriptures.’

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