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Government to frame new social media rules in 3 months

Government To Frame New Social Media Rules In 3 Months

The central government asked the Supreme Court to give 3 months to frame new rules and regulations on social media.

The top court asked the government about steps to control fake news, hate speech, defamatory posts and anti-national activities on social media platforms.

The government filed an affidavit before the apex court in which it said that there had been an exponential increase in such messages and greater control of the social media platforms was essential to protect national security.

In the earlier month, while hearing a petition filed by Facebook and WhatsApp, the top court gave three weeks for the government to make recommendations that protect the sovereignty of the country and prevent illegal activities.

In this context, the two-judge bench expressed its concern over some evil uses of technology in the modern world.

The spreading of fake news has led to mob attacks in many instances. The court asked the government on steps that are being taken to control fake news.

In reply to it, the government said that technology helps the country grow economically. At the same, spreading of fake news etc. has been increasing and disrupting democratic policies.

In order to frame effective rules and regulations to control such fake news etc. and the growing threats, three months are essential considering the difficulties involved in this.

WhatsApp is one of the most effectively used communication tools in the country. It is also being used for anti-national forces and sources say that the government is now clueless about tracking them.

The Home Ministry kept an eye on WhatsApp to avoid communication between terrorists especially in areas like Jammu and Kashmir.

WhatsApp refused to allow tracking of the original sender of messages and the government said that it could take legal action.

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