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Fingerprint Lock feature and many new features in WhatsApp

Fingerprint Lock feature and many new features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp brings new features every month. Here are some new features of WhatsApp in this week for this month.

WhatsApp’s Fingerprint Lock feature enables users to lock the entire app. The option works similar to the fingerprint lock option of Android and iOs smartphones.

Show in chat option of WhatsApp helps users access the image shared for the first time in chat. Users can simply rotate an image in chat left or right using this feature.

WhatsApp users can privately reply on the group chat with the Reply Privately option. Now, it is available in Android phones, and iOs users will also get this feature after the beta testing has been done.

The New Audio Picker feature enables users to send a maximum of 30 audio files at a time. They can also listen to the audio file they want to send. Users can also view all the downloaded audio files in their phone with its beta for Android 2.19.1 version.

WhatsApp’s 3D Touch Action for Status allows users see their contact’s status without them knowing that you have seen their status. The feature is available for beta users in iPhone at present and will be available for the others as well soon.

Users can share stickers using Stickers Integration, a third-party app on WhatsApp. GBoard, a new keyboard would also be introduced.

Meanwhile, Facebook is working to integrate its chat services, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram to ease the messaging process across various platforms.

The New York Times reported this matter on Friday.

Though all these apps support end-to-end encryption, the timeline for when the integration would happen was not mentioned by Facebook.

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