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Fake news circulating on Government on WhatsApp

Fake news circulating on Government on WhatsApp

These days, circulation of fake news is quite common on social media. Now, there is a fake news rounding on WhatsApp saying that your chat has been read by government representatives.

It says that a third blue tick which will appear on chat platform confirms that the conversation has been read by a government representative.

But, this is not true as WhatsApp assures that messages are end-to-end encrypted on both sides, so you need not worry about it whether you are a sender or a receiver.

The encryption prevents any third party reading the private chat.

You can find out about WhatsApp security on their FAQ page.

Every message is encrypted with a unique lock and key. All this happen automatically and users need not turn on settings to secure the messages.

The messaging platform has been revolutionized in such a way that the messages are conveyed to more than 1.5 million per month across the globe in a secure fashion.

There is also another fake news which is being rounded on social media stating that certain media outlets had figured out a way to spot the third blue tick.

WhatsApp began to label messages that are ‘forwarded’ on its platform to stop the fake news.

A new feature had been announced in India last week by WhatsApp. With this, the users can forward the message to five chats at once.

You can make sure that your chat is end-to-end encrypted in the following way:

Open the chat with any of your contact. Then open contact info screen by tapping on the name of the contact. Then tap Encryption to view the QR code and 60-digit number.

Then, scan the other person’s QR code and compare the 60-digit number to check both are same.

A green check mark will appear if you can scan the QR code, and the code is the same.

If the QR code matches, then the messages or calls are encrypted; they cannot be interrupted by anyone.

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