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Entertainment and other features in Tejas trains

Entertainment and other features in Tejas trains

The premier Tejas are set with several amazing features to give the passengers a world class experience. Read on to some of its great features.

The coaches of the train would be installed with high-tech entertainment units. Passengers will even have access to Wi-Fi. In order to help the visually impaired, there will be integrated braille displays.

The coaches of Tejas will be of golden colour. The coaches of Hamsafar which will also be released this year painted in the colors of earth and sky to depict them as being the common man’s carrier.

According to Railway Ministry Official, the designs of coaches of Tejas, Hamsafar, Antodaya and Deen Dayalu have been finalized.

In the Tejas, coaches will have Executive Class and Chair Cars and those of Hamsafar will be 3-AC.

There are 22 new features that are being integrated in the Tejas coaches besides the improved aesthetics. This includes entertainment screens for each passenger and a hand phone socket. The coaches will have LED boards for communicating safety instructions.

The coaches will have bio-vacuum toilets with water level indicators. They also come with taps and hand driers which work with sensors. Digital destination boards and electronic passenger reservation chart are also made available.

According to the official, the Railway Ministry made the decision to include state of the art facilities in Tejas since these trains are a new premier class train. The trains would have all sorts of comforts tea and coffee vending machines, magazines and snack tables.

Both Tejas and Hamsafar will be installed with CCTVs, and fire and smoke detection and suppression system to ensure safety.

As per the budget proposal, Railways would be launching Tejas and Hamsafar trains along with Antodaya Express and Deen Dayalu coaches in the current fiscal.

Antodaya Express will be a fully unreserved train. On the other hand, Deen Dayalu coaches will also have improved facilities for general class passengers.

Image Reference: The Indian Express

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