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Eco-friendly gift ideas for a Father’s Day

Eco-friendly gift ideas for a Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just two days ahead. If you want to gift your dad on this very special occasion, then think differently and opt for eco-friendly gifts.

Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas for a Father’s Day:

  • If your father wears a T-shirt or plain shirt, then buy one made with sustainable materials like hemp or bamboo. Plenty of varieties are available nowadays. Hence, choose the gift as per your father’s passion and interest.
  • A pen-holder made with bamboo can be gifted to a hard-working father. There are many models in the market. Choose a lightweight and sturdy holder that fits your dad’s needs.
  • Alternatively, you can gift him a pen made with sustainable material like bamboo.
  • Some pens are made from recycled newspapers. These look stylish also.
  • Handmade soaps, hair wax, beard oil or beard balm are some other eco-friendly gift ideas.
  • If your father is one who cares about the wastage of water and electricity, then, consider gifting him wastage reducing products like showerheads that reduce water waste.
  • Order some healthy snacks if your dad likes them. Wide range of healthy snacks are there in the market. So order biscuits, puffs, cookies, sweets etc. that would not risk your father’s health.
  • If you prefer traditional gifts like wallets or deodorants to gift your father, then check out for eco-friendly options.
  • There are many varieties of wallets made with recycled tyres available over the internet. Even cork coin wallets are also available. These are stylish as well. Hence, check the websites that sell these wallets and order one for your dad.  

Consider your father’s preference and interest while gifting him. Also, care for the environment.

Celebrate Father’s Day in an eco-friendly manner. Happy Father’s Day!

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