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Don’t put these idols in your home

Don’t put these idols in your home

Most of us contain a small temple in our house, whether it be used for prayer daily or occasionally.

Nevertheless, it is still the presence of God within our house, driving even our mundane destinies with a divine hand.

However, there are certain methods of idol worship that should never be used at one of these temples.


  • There should never be an idol whose backside is facing you; all idols should stand tall erect and with their faces forward.
  • There should never be two idols of the same god in the temple, even if the two idols are designed differently. If the other idol must still be kept, only use it as a picture.
  • A chipped idol should never be kept in a temple; it must be stores away and later on offered to a water tributary, or left under a peepal tree.
  • Idols of gods fighting or destroying someone or something must never be kept in a temple, even if the fight is for the good of humanity.
  • Idols should never be displaying extreme emotion, as the environment of a temple should always be relaxed.

Here are also some tips that can help one make the temple most protective from harmful vibes:

  • The base of the idol should usually be a few inches above the ground, not too high so that God’s face cannot be seen, and not too low as to show disrespect to God.
  • The temple room should be comfortable for both sitting and standing, as God, too, must be comfortable.
  • Wood is said to be the best material on which to place your idols, since it keeps a pleasant atmosphere. Marble can also be used.
  • Light candles on the eastern side of the room, which is said to bring in positivity and prosperity.
  • Also use the eastern or northeastern part of the home for the temple, as it is the most auspicious direction.
  • Make sure to face east while praying, as it is said prayers in that direction go directly to God. Prayers can also be directed west.
  • Always make sure to have water in the temple, whether it be a copper vessel of it or a water pyramid.
  • Photographs of loved ones can be placed in the same room, but should not be worshipped as immortals, since mortals remain mortals even after death.
  • This room should only ever be used for prayer and nothing else. If in a part of a room, use a curtain to cover it when not being used.
  • Crystals are important to keep in a temple, both a crystal kalasha and a crystal shanka. A regular shanka should also be kept in the temple and blown after all prayers are finished.

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