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Doctors cheated her off ₹1.2 crore

Doctors cheated her off ₹1.2 crore

Almost all people owe their lives to doctors from the very beginning. They are there for people from the start of their life to the end of it.

They have helped people strengthen themselves and have pulled them back from the brink of death. Everyone is indebted to doctors for their service, and therefore, doctors are usually paid well for what they do.

However, not all doctors deserve their patients’ money or respect. While most doctors do genuinely care about the people they help, there are some doctors who exploit their patients and only do their work for the money that they’re paid.

Recently, medical service has begun to take the form of a business. Instead of truly working to help their patients get healthy and live well, doctors and medical institutions have been doing their work purely for the money they gain.

This has even gone so far as exploiting patients for their money without giving them proper care. Parul Bhasin Verma has experienced one such case.

At the beginning of 2018, Parul’s mother became very ill due to an ammonia attack. Later, she was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis, which is the end stage of liver disease in which the liver becomes non-functioning.

Over four months, Parul and her family spent over ₹1.2 crore to try and save her mother. Through these four months, they had to move her from one hospital to another.

The problems of the various hospitals ranged from the rude comments of doctors to the poor services that the hospitals provided.

They could never find the right place to treat her, and Parul herself had to watch her mother pass away before her eyes, dying from multiple failing organs.

Now, her family is in huge debt, due to the negligence of doctors who only cared about the money they were paid.

However, although Parul’s case is truly shocking, she is not the first person to have misconduct issues with doctors.

It is essential that doctors remember that their first priority should be the health of their patients, not the size of their paycheck.

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