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Delhi government launches e-token website for liquor

Delhi government launches e-token website for liquor

Allowing the sale of liquor has led to overcrowding in front of shops in many states across the country. While this move irked normal citizens who followed lockdown rules very strictly, the crowd is not controllable in many states.

In this context, the Delhi government launched an e-token system for the sale of liquor in the national capital region and issued the official web link

Anyone can apply for the e-token by providing details like name and mobile number and an e-token will be sent on the registered mobile number to buy liquor from nearby shops.

However, it did not work for many people since the launch due to constant server error.

While the users questioned the government for the continuous error in the server, the government blamed the ‘heavy rush’ which caused the server error. The government says that the website will be up soon.

People are overcrowding in front of liquor shops after the states allowed to open the shops. This is a common scene in almost all states.

This resulted in a violation of social distancing. The common public was disappointed by this move and they criticized it. Several people reported it to the authorities.

Hence, the Delhi government decided to issue a web link for the sale of liquor through the e-token system. Through this system, each e-token holder will be allotted a specific time to buy liquor at a shop.

Thus, the e-token system is aimed to help people maintain social distancing and reduce waiting time in long-standing queues. Yet, it was not useful to the drinkers due to server error.

Though the government allowed the opening of 200 liquor shops, only 50 shops opened due to overcrowding.

The sale of liquor started in the national capital from Monday and rates were raised by 70 per cent of the maximum retail price.

Despite higher prices, many people gathered at the shops to buy liquor. They even did not care about social distancing norms in the COVID-19 outbreak.

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