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Things to Know about UDIN

Things to Know about UDIN

A unique Document Identification Number or UDIN is issued to practising chartered accountants by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). This 18-digit number is generated by the system.

The first 2 digits denote the last 2 digits of the current year. The next 6 digits reveal the membership number issued by ICAI. The last 10 digits contain alpha-numeric code generated by the system.

The concept of UDIN was introduced in the country phase-wise in 2019 to control the fraudulent acts of non-CAs and to save businesses and clients from them. The ICAI started issuing UDIN to certified and practising CAs to stop the misuse of others posing as CAs.

In the first phase, UDIN was made mandatory for all certificates issued by CAs. In the second phase, it was mandatory for GST and tax audit reports. In the last phase, UDIN became mandatory for all audits, attests and assurance functions. Now, UDIN is mandatory for statutory audits. In other words, all certificates issued by CAs should have UDIN.

CAs need to register on the UDIN site to generate UDIN by providing their details like membership number, date of birth, year of enrolment etc.

They need to verify the details by entering the OTP received on their registered mobile number and email ID registered with ICAI. A username and system-generated password will be provided after entering OTP. With this, the registration process will be completed.

After the registration, users can log in to the site with their username and password. They have to click on the generate UDIN option and choose the document type from the drop-down list.

They have to enter details related to the document. They will receive an OTP on their mobile number and email ID. After entering OTP, they can submit to generate UDIN.

If UDIN is not generated, it is treated as professional misconduct. Disciplinary proceedings can be initiated against those who do not generate UDIN.

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