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Deadliest poisons known to mankind

Deadliest poisons known to mankind

The world is a beautiful place. But not all of it is pleasant or even good.

Some of the things in this beautiful world are extremely deadly.

These things make the world a dangerous and scary place.

These are the most dangerous poisons known to mankind. They were used to commit murders and for acts of terrorism.

Read on to know what they are.


This deadly drug caused extreme scares in many parts of the world. It is highly lethal and enters the human body through inhalation. After being inhaled, it first gives the symptoms of cold and flu and eventually results in death in most cases.


Botulinum is considered the most toxic poison of the world according to several researches. Oddly enough, it is used in the cosmetic sector. Even a single teaspoon can be extremely lethal. It causes slurred speech, blurred vision, muscle weakness and eventually death.


This is the poison which makes up some of the most poisonous mushrooms. Eating these mushrooms will result in coma or death. The poison attacks kidney and liver functioning leading to death.


Even small doses of cyanide can kill a human within minutes. It binds with the iron in blood cells and stops circulation of oxygen in the body resulting in a fast death.


Mercury is used in thermometers and for several other applications. However, even a single drop of it when placed on hand or its vapor when inhaled can kill a human. It directly attacks the lungs and the nervous system of the body.


This is another deadly poison made from castor oil seeds. It can get into human body easily via inhalation or even ingestion. It causes flu like symptoms and eventually leads to death.


Sarin is a nerve gas which causes runny nose and tightness in the chest making the person suffocate to death. The gas can kill a person within seconds.

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