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India and Tunisia to fight terrorism together

India and Tunisia to fight terrorism together

In order to fight terrorism, India and Tunisia decided to work together. Vice President Hamid Ansari said that in order to deal with terrorism, strong collaboration with like-minded partners is very important.

Two MoUs have also been signed between India and Tunisia. The MoUs are about promotion of handicrafts and IT and digital economy. Vice President Ansari met with Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid. Their discussion resulted in the two countries having more cooperation for fighting terror. India and Tunisia will be working together to face issues of mutual interest.

Both the representatives talked about the spreading extremism and terrorism which is a threat to both countries.

Ansari said that these growing threats have to be dealt with strong cooperation among like-minded partners. He added that after discussing issues related to combating this challenge, the two countries decided to have more cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism.

The countries signed an MoU on traditional handicraft promotion and another on IT and digital economy.

The cooperation between two countries will also have India train 350 Tunisian students in next five years. Ansari said that he is happy to receive 350 Tunisian students for training in Indian institutions in different streams.

Both countries will also work to promote each other’s traditional handicraft and improve IT and related sectors.

Ansari also said that the discussions have covered all issues related to bilateral relations as well as global issues that concern both countries.

Ansari also gave appreciation for Tunisia giving support for India’s bid for a place in an expanded UN Security Council.

Essid commented that the relations between two countries is very strong and both countries share similar views. He said that Tunisia has relations with India in several fields like auto-sector and agriculture. He appreciated India’s progress in IT sector and the cooperation Tunisia will be having from India.

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