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India toughens its stand against Pakistan

India toughens its stand against Pakistan

India has taken a strong move in its stand against Pakistan with the recent Pathankot terror attack. A decision to put the Foreign Secretary-level talks on hold until an action is taken by Pakistan against the perpetrators has been taken.

Furthermore, new evidence has been shared by India against the handlers. Ashfaq Ahmad, Hafiz Abdul Shakur and Kasim Jaan are the handlers who are suspected of giving instructions to the terrorists who carried out the attack in Pathankot.

The new found evidence has been shared with the Pakistan National Security Advisor (NSA). The evidence includes transcript and picture of Markaz – where all planning was done. Following the attacks, Ajit Doval of Indian NSA and (Retd) Army General Naseer Khan Janjua of Pakistan NSA spoke at least three times.

As per the Ministry of External Affairs, India is now waiting for Pakistan’s response. India expects the Nawaz Sharif government to keep its promise of taking strict action against the perpetrators of the Pathankot terror attack.

The ministry further added that the terrorist attack on Pathankot airbase increased the focus on issues related to cross border terrorism. Now that India has made a move by providing evidence, it is Pakistan’s turn to make a move. It said that the immediate issue now is the response of Pakistan on the terrorist attack.

Earlier reports suggested that India wanted the two countries’ NSAs to meet and discuss before Foreign Secretary-level. The Foreign Secretary-level talks are set to be on January 14-15 in Islamabad.

India shared new evidence with Pakistan. The dossier shared with Pakistan contains proof of the involvement of terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed’s in the attack. The evidence which was shared includes call records from Bahawalpur. The dossier provided by India also had the locations and addresses from where the calls originated. Based on this evidence, India wants to pressurize Pakistan.

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